Apprentices in Manufacturing: Mauser launches North American Apprenticeship Program

Michelle MachenMauser News

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we are putting sustainability into action by maintaining and growing our skilled workforce.

As the digital revolution reaches manufacturing, shop floor skills are undergoing rapid change, and companies, including Mauser Packaging Solutions, often struggle to find skilled workers for advanced manufacturing facilities. With approximately 7,000 manufacturing employees globally, we are committed to reinvigorating the manufacturing workforce through what we call industrial re-skilling or an apprenticeship program.


The success of Mauser relies on the interdependent strength of our people, our products and services, and our long-term financial stability. An investment in apprenticeships is an investment in our people.

Our employees hold a wealth of knowledge and experience. This expertise is vital to the next generation of employees, but a rigorous, structured development program is needed to ensure that new employees receive the training needed to become full-fledged maintenance workers or technicians in a reasonable amount of time.

With the introduction of the North American Mauser Packaging Solutions apprenticeship program, we are leveraging the expertise of our current employees to train the next generation to develop maintenance and process technicians. Benchmarked on the European dual education system, this new program is an educational model, which combines practice, theory, and work to train a globally competitive workforce. While the apprenticeship program is nothing new in Europe, this is a somewhat revolutionary approach to constructing a skilled workforce in the U.S.

The program is open to current employees as well as new hires prepared to make a long-term commitment to the program and company. Apprentices in the North American program will receive classroom instruction, experience hands-on involvement and on the job training. Graduates will be fully prepared to meet our current workplace demands as skilled mechanics, electricians and tool and die makers.

 “The key to Mauser Packaging Solutions’ success is having a highly skilled manufacturing workforce. By adopting the German-style apprenticeship model across the company, Mauser is demonstrating a proven approach to industrial re-skilling that adds value to the industry, strengthens families and communities, and supports the economy,” says Bruno Couteille, EVP Human Resources.

For more information about eligibility or the program, please contact Jason Wasikowski.